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9 Exciting New Wines to Explore this 2023

Exceptional wines selected by our sommeliers. From smooth Spanish red wines to refreshing natural juices from the talented duo - Bianka & Daniel Schmitt. Let's discover the latest must-try wines from Spain and Germany.

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Envínate, a symbol of the new era of Spanish wines, is the brainchild of winemakers Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente, Laura Ramos and José Martínez. The group of friends formed back in 2005 while studying enology at the University of Miguel Hernandez in Alicante.

Upon graduation, they formed a winemaking consultancy, which evolved into Envínate, a project that focuses on exploring distinctive parcels mainly in the Atlantic-inflected regions of Ribeira Sacra and the Canary Islands. Their collective aim is to make profoundly pure and authentic wines that express the terruño of each parcel in a clear and concise manner. To this end, no chemicals are used in any of the Envínate vineyards, all parcels are picked by hand, the grapes are foot-trodden, and the wines are fermented exclusively with wild yeasts, with a varying proportion of whole grape clusters included.

Benje Blanco

Envínate's Benje Blanco - is a fruity and juicy wine made on lees by Envínate with the Listán Blanca variety in the D.O. Ycoden-Daute-Isora (93 points - Robert Parker, 94 points - James Suckling).

Benje Rojo

Made from Listán Prieto, Benje Rojo, a pure and vertical expression of high elevation and volcanic Canary terruño (94 points - Robert Parker).


Made from Garnacha Tintorera and marked by ripe and earthy fruit, Albahra is a highly enjoyable red wine from the Castilla-La Mancha region (94+ points - Robert Parker, 94 points - James Suckling).

Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez is among one of the most popular Spanish winemakers. He travelled and built his knowledge for wines for many years before returning to his hometown, Rioja. Rodriguez's most acclaimed projects are mostly in Ribera del Duero.

Boedga Lanzaga "LZ"

"LZ" is a bright and lively Rioja made from organic grapes, harvested from several vineyards around the village of Lanciego (92 points - Robert Parker, James Suckling and Guia Penin).

Jorge Navascues

Jorge Navascues is one of the most talented winemakers, who are recognized by wine enthusiasts for his experience and agility. From DO Cariñena in Aragon, Jorge passionately crafts his own range of wines with a focus on Macabeo, Garnacha and Cariñena.

Cutio Macabeo

A lively wine with superb minerality that offers exceptional value for money. On the palate, Cutio Macabeo displays a fine and pure texture with tactile characters that are among the markers of Macabeo grape variety (91 points - Robert Parker, 92 points - James Suckling).

Cutio Garnacha

A pleasant blend with balsamic notes and a mentholated touch. Cutio Garnacha is a wine that can express itself generously with juicy and gourmet notes (92 points - Robert Parker, James Suckling, 91 points - Decanter, 17.5 - Jancis Robinson) .

d.b Schmitt

The ecological winery - Schmitt, has been a family-owned winery for over 200 years. With 16 hectares of biodynamically farmed vineyards, Bianka and Daniel have been the natural wine pioneers in Germany with their pure and full of life wines. They are also among the only 80 wine producers in Germany to be Demeter certified.

Petillant Weiss Blanc

Petillant Weiss Blanc is summer in a glass. A perfect mouth-watering example of Pétillant Naturel from Daniel and Bianka Schmitt.

Frei Körper Weiss Blanc

Floral and exotic fruit notes with balanced and velvety texture, Frei Körper Weiss Blanc is a must-try medium body natural white from the Schmitt winery.

Frei Körper Kultur Rosé

A special addition to the FKK fun line from the winery, Frei Körper Kultur Rosé FIZZ is a bubbly rosé with soft fizz and refreshing aromas of fruit notes.


Whether you're looking to build a wine list that matches your concept, propose the best wine pairings with your menu or wow your customers with a perfect wine dinner, let's get in touch with our experienced wine sommeliers.


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