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Vegan wine? Three wines to try this April

Since wine is a product of grapes and yeast, some might assume that all wines are vegan. However, it is not always the case. Traditional fining agents that are derived from egg/ milk/ fish can make wines unsuitable for vegans.

It is confusing at times to tell which wines are vegan friendly since animal products such as beeswax (used by wine producers to seal bottles) or agglomerated corks (which have milk-based blues) can be used to produce wines. We understand and we would love to help out by highlighting wines that are listed as vegan.

If you support veganism, you might want to support these vegan friendly wines.

Three vegan labelled wines to try this April:

El Viejo Del Valle, Pinot Noir, Central Valley, Chile

Deliciously long, bright, textural Pinot. Produced from cold and stony vineyards deep in the Central Valley's old glacial riverbeds.

Summer fruits of red currant, raspberry and wild strawberries on the nose follow through to a juicy palate. A touch of oak adds spice complexity.

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Nu Comme Un Verre by Château Haut Meyreau, Vin de France

Nu Comme Un Verre, a wine from Merlot vine in its simplest nature, an explosion of fruit. A pleasant wine, suave, with a warm mouth, particularly fond.

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Domaine Merieau, l'Arpent des Vaudons

Pale yellow color with silvery tones. Pleasant nose with refreshing grassy and white fruits characters. Fresh and crisp in the mouth with round and elegant finish. Very well balanced wine with great complexity.

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