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Why Staff Training Matters and How It Can Grow Wine Sales

Wine sales can have a positive impact on the profitability of any restaurant. One of the most effective ways to improve sales and encourage customers to purchase fine wine bottles is staff training.

Regular staff tastings can strengthen wine knowledge

For many restaurants, especially ones with sommeliers on staff, the mindset is if a customer asks a difficult question related to wine, simply direct the customer to the sommelier. However, similar to how every staff member should be trained about the food menu, staff tastings are important for wine menu training.

For example, regular staff tastings can help every member to understand broad wine category (e.g. refreshing white wines for summer) and remember details about each wine (e.g. tasting notes, varieties).

Stories behind each label can encourage orders

Aside from information as such vintage, grape variety, and terroir, knowing what make each wine special can make all the difference when it comes to selling technique. During staff training sessions, simply introducing who made the wine, how the wine was made and what made it different can be a way for your staff to retain the details.

Knowledge of food and wine pairings

Pairing perfect wines with the matching dishes can definitely lead to an enjoyable dining experience. Infrequent visitors can be turned into regulars and one bottle of wine can easily lead to the second, or third.

The art of upselling wine

There are different ways to upsell, whether by encouraging a bottle instead of a glass of wine or suggesting a second glass to follow up an almost empty glass. With good knowledge about wine, staff members can appropriately suggest higher-valued wines to customers. For example, introducing wines that are made from an unpopular grape variety or from a new region can be a way to pique interests. Depending on how experimental some guests are, introducing wines from a new variety, new region and new winery can be a way to encourage higher price point.


Vinobeer Vietnam frequently organizes staff training sessions to support our partners. Ensure great dining experience, increase profits and sell better wine with frequent and consistent effort in wine training for staff members. Contact us to learn more!


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