Braida, Vigna Senza Nome, DOCG Moscato d'Asti, Italy

Braida, Vigna Senza Nome, DOCG Moscato d'Asti, Italy


The Latin wording on the label, “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera

Rotas”, means “the farmer directs the work of the plough”. We chose it when we bought the vineyard and became its owners. It is a vineyard on the hillside of Mango, a village in the Langhe district. We bought it in 1990. The letter G highlighted on the label emphasises the passage from father to son of knowl- edge of the vineyard: Giuseppe, Giacomo and then Giuseppe again.


Made with 100% Moscato d’Asti grapes grown in an estate-owned vineyard in Mango.

Maceration on skins for several hours in a horizontal press, followed by pressing. Vinification off skins, with prise de mousse in temperature controlled pressurized tanks, at about 4°C for 20 days. Upon completion of fermentation, stabilization with cooling to -4°C, micro filtra- tion, and bottling aging for several weeks.



Bright straw yellow color, nice froth, and rich perlage. An extraordinarily fresh and very variegated bouquet, with fresh fruit, orange blossom, rose and musk standing out among the many notes. A gracefully sweet flavor with the grape’s characteristic aromaticity, delicious and lingeringly persistent. Pair with fruit and fruity desserts, pastries, panettone, hazelnut tart, and particular cheeses, such as Castelmagno. Very pleasant as an aperitif and as a thirst-quenching drink whenever you like.