d.b Schmitt, Riesling, Rheinhessen

d.b Schmitt, Riesling, Rheinhessen


Bianka & Daniel Schmitt are a prime example of how natural wines can convey more experience and balance in the bottle with each vintage of the winemaker. The DB Schmitt - Riesling 2019 is simply resting in itself, period, rest, done.

The smell reminds you of a great, high-quality, homemade Bircher muesli: freshly sliced apples and pears with their skin, cereals and oat flakes, fat whole milk (but not BSA-moderately sour, but rather full and creamy) and coconut flakes. Also a bit of dried stone fruit, but then citrus notes typical of Riesling freshen the whole thing up. Pome fruit with skin on the palate, delicately nutty and with a fine, stable tannin. Becomes more exciting with air, so you don't have to throw it down - even if it's difficult because it is so delicious. ;) 

The grapes for Riesling from DB Schmitt were picked by hand, selected, brought into the barrel by means of whole bunch pressing and left there to their own devices. Unsulphurized and unfiltered he comes in the bottle.

A little tip from us, the Riesling develops super well over days in the refrigerator, we had it open for 6 days after the tasting and more and more fruit aromas developed! A very stable wine with great storage potential!

Organic / Biodynamic
Soil type: Limestone, Loess

Fermented spontaneously using low-intervention - Sulphites: No added sulphites - 22 mg/L
Fining (clarification): Unfined
Filtering: Unfiltered
Suitable for Vegans and vegetarians
Residual sugar: < 1 g/L