d.b Schmitt, Wild Pony, Rheinhessen, Germany

d.b Schmitt, Wild Pony, Rheinhessen, Germany




Wild Pony by D.B. Schmitt is what happens when natural wines don’t know national borders. This is equally Friuli or Jura as Rheinhessen. This wine takes pages to describe as it’s both macerated and has been under the flor (sous voile). So it has a complexity that can be hard to wrap your head around it your feel the need to pinpoint reference taste notes. If you don’t have to do that – you’re just in for a treat. Because just as hard this wine is to describe, just as easy it is to enjoy. Just opened it’s all about freshness and you’ll quickly be drinking it in big sips. If you can manage to let it rest for a bit after opening, maybe even in a decanter, you will be greeted with a plethora of nuances of flavors that really lets you kick back and be swallowed by this wine.


“Wild Pony is a wine with high volatile acidity and lots of minerals and energy. This is where it get’s wild!”


Producer ; Daniel & Bianka Schmitt
Country ; Germany
Region     ; Rheinhessen
Village ; Florsheim Dalsheim
Appellation ; Deutscher Landwein Rhein
Viticulture ; Biodynamic
Terroir : Clay, Limestone
Yield : 55 hl/ha
Vinification : Long aging, Sous voile, Under flor, Foudre, Long maceration
Filtration : Unfiltered
Sulphur added : None