Domaine Merieau, Souris et Boa, Touraine

Domaine Merieau, Souris et Boa, Touraine


Grape variety

- 100% Pinot noir


The Vignoble des Bois Vaudons has been run by the Mérieau Family for four generations.

The estate spreads over 35 hectares across the hillsides and on the left bank of the Cher River and benefit for the greater part from a south-southeast orientation. These rich and complex soils allow the production of a range of wines that are varied and rich in colours. Some wines stemming from older or younger vines – certain vines of the Pineau d’Aunis varietal are more than 100 years old.

Jean-François Mérieau took over the family estate in 2000. Since then, Jean-François has committed himself to rediscovering the soils of the Loir-et-Cher, working the soils, plowing, cutting heavily and harvesting by hand.

Jacky, his father had allowed the development of the fame of the estate – he allowed the establishment of the estate such as it is presently with its lot of plantations and the restructuring of vineyard.



Harvested by hand, 24 months in oak barrels, after this period all the wine in barrels is placed in a single tank, which allows a good balance and a natural clarification.

Soils and location: South / southeast facing slopes, on deep chalky soils with clay top soil.

Area: 1,5 hectares of old vines aged at least 60 years old. Yield: 25 hl / hectare.


Fruity red wine, lightly toasted, but always with a beautiful body, Morello cherry aromas. This wine represents the delicacy and freshness of Loire Valley wines.