El Prisionero, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

El Prisionero, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina


Grape variety

- 100% Malbec


Vicentín is a family business with a vision of progress and work that since 1929 works the land in Argentina. In 2009 the group decided to enter the wine segment with the aim of creating and offering the world its version of the great Argentine wine, Malbec. The place to develop it was what they considered was the best soil in the world for this: the wild desert of the Andes, land of the most experienced vineyards to obtain the best raw material, the best tannins and the most optimal fruit quality.

The first step was the selection of the vineyards, and they decided on that important step to rely on those who knew him most. Thus, they employed traditional peasant families who for several generations managed to nourish the vineyards with their love, their secrets, their mystery and their unique grapes. In this way the singularity was achieved, through the different latitudes and longitudes of the province and the acquisition of different “terroirs”.



Ruta 40 is to Mendoza what Highway 29 is to Napa Valley, in that it’s a major thoroughfare that leads to some of Argentina’s most celebrated wineries. Taking Ruta 40 south from the city of Mendoza takes you right through Lujan de Cuyo, one of Argentina’s most renowned wine regions. In 1993, the region reached a milestone in the country’s wine industry by implementing the first appellation regulations for Malbec.

Lujan de Cuyo is itself a sub-district of Mendoza province and, along with Maipu, it’s one of the province’s two Primera Zonas (First Zones). These First Zones would be the high-quality sub-regional equivalents to California’s Napa or Sonoma. However, neither Napa or Sonoma has vineyard elevations to compare with these zones. To wit: the vineyards of Napa Valley’s Mount Veeder top out at 2,600ft/792m; Lujan de Cuyo’s lowest vines start at that elevation, and its loftiest vines are planted on the Andean foothills at 3,630ft/2,640m.

Vinification in inox tank, maturation for few months in french oak barrel.


In sight it is reddish, bright; With aromas of cherry, strawberry and currants in the mouth it is fruity, fresh with a medium body with elegant tannins, soft and delicate, expressing the tip of our malbec.