Pipeno Carrizal Blanco de Maule, Agricola Luyt

Pipeno Carrizal Blanco de Maule, Agricola Luyt


GRAPE VARIETY: Muscat, Chasselas, Semillon, Torontel

LOCATION: Maule region 400km south of Santiago

AREA: 3 hectares (2 different plots)

SOIL: Sandy, clay (red and black) and granite soil

CULTURE: Non-irrigated, non-treated, non-certified organic vines HARVESTING: Manual

VINIFICATION: Spontaneous fermentation and maceration for 15 days with indigenous yeasts in open wooden lagares on the site where they were grown, the grapes are de-stemmed and bruised, there is no press on site. Fermentation with punching down, after which the juice is kept under the cap for a week.

AGEING: Wine racked into wooden tanks called pipas or into stainless steel tanks

BOTTLING: 60% of the wine is filtered, bottled a few weeks after fermentation. Minimum SO2 added during botteling.

TASTING NOTES: Deep golden colour due to the maceration. Very aromatic, exotic, passion fruit, pineapple, orange zest, sage, slightly mineral, cleansing. A soft, creamy texture spiced up by mild tannins and pleasant bitters that provide structure. A wine that intrigues because there are many layers to discover, but is also very enjoyable and easy to quaff with friends.

ALCOHOL: 12,4%. Vol.

BOTTLE: 1 Liter

GARDING: 3 years infovinosluyt@gmail.com www.louisantoineluyt.cl