Telmo Rodriguez, Pegaso "Barrancos de Pizarra", Cebreros, Spain

Telmo Rodriguez, Pegaso "Barrancos de Pizarra", Cebreros, Spain


Telmo Rodriguez, Barrancos de Pizarra, DOP Cebreros (Avila)


The Pizarra vineyards are usually found on metamorphic soils. This type of soil is found at an altitude above 950 meters, up to 1,200 meters, mainly with an eastern orientation. The wines from here have a different expression, they are always complex, direct and profound.

Area: Sierra de Gredos

Village: Cebreros (Ávila)

Place: Arrebatalapas, La Redonda, La Curva

Variety: 100% Garnacha

Viticulture: Traditional, organic. Old bushvines. Manual harvest in boxes.

Processing and aging: Native yeasts. 24-30 months in barrels of 500 and 400 liters of French oak from different forests and origins.

Soils: Slate soils. On metamorphic rock. Mainly oriented to the east, at altitudes above 950 meters.

100% Garnacha, organic.

The slate soils provide a broader and more approachable texture, integrated and delicate tannins, a complex and original aromatic expression marked by scrubland, rockrose, rosemary and
lavender, completed with balsamic and mineral notes.