The Last Stand Chardonnay, Victoria, Australia

The Last Stand Chardonnay, Victoria, Australia


Grape variety

- 100% Chardonnay



The Victorian region has soils that are sandy loams deriving directly from granite and gneissic bedrocks. They are typically brown to red in colour. Fertility is moderate as are typical yields, grapes tend to be high in concentrated flavours. This Chardonnay clone has a distinctive tangerine peel character. Bright sunny days and cool nights allowed for exceptional flavour development. The wine is a clean crisp style with no malolactic fermentation or oak treatment. The result is an elegant wine with high natural acidity. Picked at night to ensure the cooler climate gives exceptional character to the whole terroir from the area and delivering a well-rounded Chardonnay suitable for all occasions.


This always shows prominent tangerine notes on the nose and this vintage also shows intense grapefruit, lime and hints of spice. Refreshingly unoaked, citrus and white peach flavours combine with a zesty fresh acidity and a clean, bright and linear mineral finish.

Full-flavoured fish such as trout or halibut or chicken in a light creamy sauce